Helping You Build Your Work & Your Life by Design

Helping You Build Your Work & Your Life by Design

Helping you gain the clarity you need to to pursue your dreams, put your plans into action, monetize your passions and really start living. 

Helping You Build Your Work & Your Life by Design

New Mastermind Experiecne

You want to pursue work that’s meaningful and purposeful, but you’re not sure what that looks like or where to start…

If you’re ready to finally move into work you love, make your dreams a daily reality, and change the way you livethen we’d love to invite you to our new Journey Mastermind Experience

Tired of being successful and yet feeling like something is missing?

You used to love the work you do. You know what you do well and you’re successful in your work. But you no longer find satisfaction in your work.

You wrap up another successful day and yet find yourself wondering, “Is this all there is? This isn’t how I thought it would be.”

Maybe you just need help repurposing your talents, skills, and abilities into work that’s meaningful, purposeful, and PROFITABLE.

There is more for you – in your business and your life – and I would love to guide you on this journey. 

Hey, I’m Dan and I’m so glad you’re here.

My mission is to help more people better and I want to share with you what that means…

See, I believe we can be better together, we can share kindness, and learn how to live our lives better through doing work that’s meaningful and profitable so that we can truly learn to enjoy all the awesomeness in our lives…

I believe if I can bring about a positive impact on the lives of just a few, they will in turn be able to positively impact the people around them, and those to the people around them. 

I believe that that’s how we teach people to create the change many of us long for. 

So, I hope you’ll stick around a bit, get to know us and share your journey with us.

Be sure to check out all the fun, new things we’re working on and find you place by clicking one of the links below..

To your success, because together, we can help more people better… 

How Can We Help You Achieve More?

48 Days to the Work and Life You Love Seminar

If you dread getting up each weekday, preparing for a job you hate...

If you’re tired of trudging through your days, miserable in your work...

Then you won't want to miss our upcoming 48 Days to the Work and Life You Love seminar.

Created by NY Times Bestselling Author Dan Miller, this seminar will guide you to finding or creating work that’s fulfilling, meaningful, and profitable, so you can start living a life you love. In addition to the seminar materials, there will be weekly group coaching sessions to help you apply the materials and receive additional support in your journey.


Want a regular dose of inspiration to achieve more in your business and life? Our "Pro Growth Podcast" is a weekly podcast, full of the positive inspiration, encouragement, and motivation you need to win at the things that matter most.


Let's work together to evaluate where you are, where you want to be, and the road to get there. We'll talk about your business and life goals, and then strategize a plan to grow in your business, while creating the life that you want. Marketing strategies, mindset, business and entrepreneurship planning, reducing overwhelm, goal setting, providing accountability - whatever will help you achieve more, we'll tackle it. I'll be with you at each step, to help you achieve the wins that matter most - in business and life. 

My name is Dan Woerheide (war-heide-e) and I'm so glad you're here.

Dan Woerheide
My passion is helping people find clarity. I love to guide others through the process of identifying and breaking through the barriers that are holding them back, that are keeping them from moving forward to the business and life they want and truly love. My goal or mission is also the tagline of my business – to “help more people better”.
I know what it’s like to be in a place of confusion and uncertainty. When I first started exploring my curiosity for business, I didn’t know what that looked like exactly. I found myself scouring bookstore shelves for ideas, opportunities and education on starting a business. I had zero clue what I was looking for or what my next step might be.

I kept trying though. I read all the books and took all the courses. I took action 

on what I learned, but it was hard. It seemed overwhelming and it was hard to put together the pieces of all the things I was learning. The hardest part was identifying the “thing” that was a good fit for me, my talents and abilities. It took me years to hone in on what it is I wanted to do and create a plan to make it happen.

I finally found the answers I was looking for and now I love helping others find the same clarity for themselves. I combine my past experiences, which include being a career intelligence analyst in the Army, StoryBrand guide, and Master Resilience Trainer, with my passion for giving others inspiration, clarity, and simple action steps to move forward. Now I help people save the time, frustration, and uncertainty that I experienced in finding the work I love. My greatest joy is when people share the results and meaning they find in their lives through our work together. 

On a personal note, I am the proud father of two amazing women. I love the work I do and am learning to be a better person every day. I’m rediscovering my love for the outdoors, after living someone else’s purpose for far too long. I enjoy most anything and everything outdoors, especially if it involves the beach or is near the water. Hunting, fishing, hiking, nature trails – I’m there. Oh, and I’m still determined to learn how to surf…


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