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Interview w/ Rocky Lalvani – Profit Comes First

Episode Notes

Rocky Lalvani, EA, MBA has found that most business owners rarely look at their financial statements. He has also observed a pattern: if they don’t have a dedicated finance person focusing on the health of the company, they usually end up with financial struggles. Accountants focus only on preparing taxes — and bookkeepers simply enter data into the accounting system. Neither is focused on creating profit in the business.

Rocky, a certified Profit First adviser, helps business owners focus on profit first using a system created by Mike Michalowicz that has helped thousands of companies realize their maximum profit potential.  The Profit First approach changes the financial equation from Sales – Expenses = Profit, which means profit comes last, to Sales – Profit = Expenses, which means profit comes first.

Listen to Rocky’s advice on the Profit Answer Man Podcast:

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