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Taking Imperfect Action, an Introduction to the Pro Growth Marketing Podcast

Episode Notes

Are you a business leader with a growth mindset? Do you want to improve your marketing, your growth, and your business? Then Welcome to the Pro Growth Marketing podcast.

My goal is to provide you with information and resources to help you make informed choices when it comes to, growth, marketing, and achieving more in your business and your life.

So why now?

Like so many others out there, I have struggled for a long time with taking action in producing content. Specifically, I have said for longer than I care to admit that I wanted to start a podcast.

Today I had a revelation as I listened to my new friend Dr. Fred Jones (courtesy of Ray Edwards live at 5 am).

We all have a story and experiences, if we don’t share them, there may be people suffering from not hearing it. Yes, someone out there may be suffering because I failed to take action to share the knowledge and information I have from my experiences.

Someone out there is in need of hearing your experiences to get through something they are facing. Your experience may make a difference.

I share marketing advice and strategies with my clients all the time, but until today, there are things that I’ve failed to take action on myself. It’s rewarding to see the benefits I’ve helped others enjoy, but wouldn’t it make sense to practice what I preach, take action myself, and enjoy the rewards and benefits of that as well? Of course, it would… But I’ve stood in my own way for far too long.

Today, I decided to take deliberate action, to be real with myself and realize that I’m holding other people back. I need to be accountable to myself. I need to take imperfect action in order to celebrate small victories. Those small victories, like recording this episode, are inspiring and provide a level of motivation that will help me build the momentum needed to continue.

The cobblers children have no shoes…

So today I want to leave you with three thoughts.

Take Imperfect Action
Taking imperfect action today is better than perfect action that never gets done. That book that someone else published imperfectly is better than your perfect book that’s not published yet. So commit to taking action now.
Your story matters
You have unique experiences that might not benefit someone else. Whether it’s 1 person or 1million people until you share your experiences with others, you will never know, and they will never hear it to tell you how you’ve helped them.
Celebrate Small Wins
I don’t believe in overnight success. The truth is, there is rarely anyone who can say when they are asked that they built their business, their dreams, and their lives because of some major event that occurred overnight. It takes dedication, a commitment to take action in the face of adversity or fear, and it takes failure to build anything worthy of other people talking about. Now there may be a few cases that you’d point out, but those are certainly the exception, not the rule.

I hope you will share this with someone who may need to hear it and Subscribe to our podcast or YouTube Channel so you don’t miss our guest interviews and future episodes.

Links and resources mentioned

Special thanks to Krystal Proffitt for sharing encouragement and resources to help me get started- Podcasting Resources

Ray Edwards LiveStream at 5am Pacific Time:

Dr. Fred Jones, Bookologist, to schedule a strategy session visit:

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