Geoff Kullman - Copywriter

Creating Authentic Connections through Copywriting w/ Geoff Kullman

Episode Notes

Geoff Kullman is a brand-awareness and direct-response copywriter for influencers, experts, and thought leaders. That’s basically a fancy way of saying he writes marketing materials for people you’ve heard of but he’s too polite to mention their names (probably because he’s from Canada). Geoff puts identity and integrity at the core of his writing… which is why you’re going to want to listen to his story!

In this interview, Geoff and I discuss the importance of creating genuine and authentic connections with your audience and how to decide which “funnel” you should be using for your business. 

Geoff shares his personal journey that led him to create better copy and build deeper, more authentic connections with and for his clients. 

He also shares 5 mistakes that most businesses are making when writing their copy and what you can do to avoid them. 

Links and resources mentioned

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Simon Sinek – Why Discovery Course

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